3rd Year (NCEA Level 1)


Welcome to nihongo Hapani 3rd Year Japanese course!

Please see my other blog which is a list of links you can use to learn the Japanese language.

nihongo Hapani Link Collection 3rd Year


To Japanese Language Teachers

This 3rd-year-course is designed for students to learn basic Japanese for the topics which are relevant for them. Your students will be able to revise what they have learned in the previous courses and build up new knowledge/skills.

The reading/listening passages are still focused on learning the language and the activities are not task-based. This is the final course of Japanese language study for students to move onto the intermediate level. My focus is to consolidate the students’ basic Japanese skills so that they can talk about their past, present and future events to their best ability.

The texts can be used in various ways and/or order.  The following is some idea.

1. Have students listen without seeing the texts

2. Have students listen while seeing the texts

3. Have students read the texts while listening

4. Have students read the texts without seeing the glossary

5. Have students read the texts with the glossary


I hope these courses will be helpful/useful in any way for your students to learn Japanese and for you to teach the language.

Nga mihi. Aroha nui ki a kotou.





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