4th Year (NCEA Level 2)


Welcome to nihongo Hapani 4th Year Japanese course!

Please see my other blog which is a list of links you can use to learn about Japanese culture.

nihongo Hapani Link Collection 4th Year

To Japanese Language Teachers

This 4th-year course consists of units which are designed for students to learn about Japan while improving their knowledge of Japanese vocabulary and grammar. Each unit starts with pre-learning questions which are for your students to check their knowledge on the topics. They can research if they need and answer the questions in their first language or Japanese.

There are 3-4 texts following the pre-learning questions. The texts can be used in various ways and/or order.  The following is some idea.

1. Have students listen without seeing the texts

2. Have students listen while seeing the texts

3. Have students read the texts while listening

4. Have students read the texts without seeing the glossary

5. Have students read the texts with the glossary

All the texts can be used as a reference for the following speaking/writing tasks/activities.

I recommend you to use vocabulary, kanji and grammar practices in addition to this course. There are many wonderful websites for your students to practice vocabulary.

I hope my courses will be helpful/useful in any way for your students to learn Japanese and for you to teach the language.

Nga mihi. Aroha nui ki a kotou.


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